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Getting a drawing from all Nobel prizes I meet

Wilson's drawing Bloembergen's drawing Curl's drawing
Robert W. Wilson
Nobel Prize in Physics (1978)
for the discovery of
cosmic microwave background radiation
He's "Wilson" in "Penzias & Wilson"
met in Houston, TX (2011)
Nicolaas Bloembergen
Nobel Prize in Physics (1981)
for his contribution to laser spectroscopy
He's the guy behind non-linear optics
met in Paris (2010)
Robert Curl
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1996)
for the discovery of fullerenes
(fullerenes are soccerball-shaped C60)
met in Houston, TX (2011)
Cohen-Tannoudji's autograph Zewail's drawing Kroemer's drawing
Claude Cohen-Tannoudji
Nobel Prize in Physics (1997)
for his contribution to laser cooling
He's the writer of a famous reference
book on quantum mechanics
met in Paris (2010)
Ahmed Zewail
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1999)
for the development of femto-chemistry
met in Paris (2010)
Herbert Kroemer
Nobel Prize in Physics (2000)
for his developments on heterostructures
met in Paris (2010)
Hansch's drawing Smoot's drawing Kao's autograph
Theodor W. Hansch
Nobel Prize in Physics (2005)
for his contribution frequency combs
and high precision spectroscopy
met in Paris (2009)
George F. Smoot III
Nobel Prize in Physics (2006)
for [his] discovery of the blackbody form
and anisotropy of the CMB radiation
met in Berkeley, CA (2013)
Charles K. Kao
Nobel Prize in Physics (2009)
for his contribution fiber optics
met in Paris (2010)
Perlmutter's drawing Haroche's drawing Aspect's drawing
Saul Perlmutter
Nobel Prize in Physics (2011)
for [his] discovery of the accelerating
expansion of the Universe through
observations of distant supernovae
met in Berkeley, CA (2014)
Serge Haroche
Nobel Prize in Physics (2012)
for Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics
met in Paris (2010)
Alain Aspect
Wolf Prize in Physics (2010)
for his tests of Bell inequalities
met in Paris (2010)
Chu's drawing McDonald's drawing Selfie Saul
Steven Chu
Nobel Prize in Physics (1997)
for the development of methods
to cool and trap atoms with lasers
Former Secretary of Energy
met in Berkeley, CA (2014)
Arthur B. McDonald
Nobel Prize in Physics (2015)
for determining that
neutrinos have a mass
met in Berkeley, CA (2014)
Selfie with Saul Perlmutter,
for the love of science:-)
Sharpless' drawing Grubbs' drawing Betzig's drawing
K Barry Sharpless
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2001)
for his work on stereoselective reactions
met in Berkeley, CA (2016)
Robert H Grubbs
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2015)
for his work on olefin metathesis
met in Berkeley, CA (2016)
Eric Betzig
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2014)
for his work on superresolution
met in Berkeley, CA (2017)
Chu's drawing
Sharpless' drawing
Jocelyn Bell Burnell
Breakthrough Prize (2019)
for the discovery of pulsars
(dropped from the Nobel prize in 1974)
met in Berkeley, CA (2018)

I'v missed Charles Townes (Nobel Prize in Physics, 1964), who refused to draw me a Maser. Long story with Maiman...
I've also missed Albert Fert (Nobel Prize in Physics, 2007), who is always too busy...

Other drawings

The following drawings are not from Nobel prize laureates, but from people I admire nevertheless.
Some taught me useful lessons, some I interacted with, and I have infinite respect for them all:)
Desurvire's drawing Rosencher's drawing Bigo's drawing Upatnieks's drawing Lefevre's drawing
Emmanuel Desurvire
Pionneer in Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier
Laureate of Millenium Technology Prize
met in Palaiseau (2010)
Emmanuel Rosencher
Mogul in optoelectronics
French Academy of Science GP
met in Palaiseau (2011)
Sébastien Bigo
Optical Communications
Transmission speed record breaker
met in Paris (2010)
Juris Upatnieks
Pioneer in holography

met in Paris (2010)
Hervé Lefevre
Fiber optics
Inventor of Optical Gyroscope
Former President of EOS
met in Vincennes (2010)
Hache's drawing Joffre's drawing Martin's drawing Klein's drawing Knobel's drawing
François Hache
Circular Dichroism in proteins
CNRS Silver Medal (2011)
met in Palaiseau (2008)
Emmanuel Joffre
2D spectroscopy
Professor of QM
at Ecole Polytechnique
met in Palaiseau (2008)
Jean-Louis Martin
Femtosecond biology
Professor of Biology
at Ecole Polytechnique
met in Palaiseau (2008)
Etienne Klein
Philosopher of science

met in Palaiseau (2011)
Lance Knobel
World Link Editor-in-Chief (1992-2000)
(World Economic Forum's magazine)
met in Berkeley (2013)
Alberts's drawing Moler's drawing Bloom's drawing Bourguignon's drawing Villani's drawing
Bruce Alberts
Molecular Biology
President (1993-2005)
of the National Academy of Science
Science Magazine's Editor in chief (2008-2013)
met in Berkeley (2013)
Cleve Moler
Matlab's mastermind
LINPACK's author
met in Berkeley (2013)
Joshua Bloom
Gamma-Ray bursts
Professor of astronomy
at UC Berkeley
met in Berkeley (2013)
Jean-Pierre Bourguignon
Mathematical aspects of Physical theories
Director (1994-2013) of
Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques
met in Berkeley (2013)
Cedric Villani
Fields Medal (2010)
for his proofs of nonlinear Landau damping
and convergence to equilibrium for the Boltzmann equation.
met in Berkeley (2013)
Alivisatos' drawing Simon's drawing Falcone's drawing Marx's drawing Leemans's drawing
Paul Alivisatos
Berkeley Lab director
Quantum dot's pioneer
met in Berkeley (2014)
Horst Simon
Berkeley Lab deputy director
Extreme computing (NERSC)
met in Berkeley (2014)
Roger Falcone
President of the American Physical Society (2017—)
met in Berkeley (2014)
Jay Marx
Director, Advanced LIGO
Quantum dot's pioneer
met in Berkeley (2018)
Wim Leemans
Wakefield e- accelerators
BELLA Petawatt laser
met in Berkeley (2014)
Doudna's drawing
Jennifer Doudna
CRISPR-Cas9 mechanism
Breakthrough Prize (2014)
met in Berkeley (2015)

Building communities

I've co-founded the Berkeley Lab postdoc association (, whose goal is to bring support to a over thousand postdocs at Berkeley Lab. It's a great vehicle to organize talks by eminent scientists and forums to share ideas and show off the latest developments of science, but also create bonds among young scienstists who will end up in so many labs accross the world.
Postdoc reception Talk by Alexis Madrigal Seminar with Saul Perlmutter Meeting with lab management
Organizing events, talks (here's Alexis Madgrigal, from The Atlantic), seminar with Nobel prize laureates or advocating for postdocs with lab management

Over the past three years, I've also been working with the Berkeley Postdoc Entrepeneurial Program (, where our group of volunteers organized events and support for trained scientists (a.k.a postdocs), who are the most likely to bring interesting technologies to market, for they know how it works and to not have a clear career path. I've written a piece in the print version of the Berkeley Science Review on the subject, and here's more details about my involvement.
BPEP event on private investing BPEP/PIEP jobfair Goup picture of BPEP members with speakers
Various events organized by BPEP (VC funding, Startup jobfair), and group picture!


I have worked towards the organization of an event dealing with the science in the art and art in science (momentarily paused).
I made a small inventory (pdf, in French) of what kind of stuff could be developed. You can have a look on my blog !
Some additional material can be found here, here or here for example.

I get hectic in front of chemical or physical phenomena such as gyroscopic effect or ferrofluids structure building.
Chemical garden 1 Chemical garden 2 Chemical garden 3
Chemical gardens, made in champagne cups just after Serge Galam's Talk "Sociophysics : Do human behave like atoms".
I found that champagne and silicate of soda don't mix very well...

Light Anemona
Handling light

(check my weblog for news)

Science education, epistemology and maieutics

I made the transcript of the Feynman's "Fun to Imagine" (here, in English), and the translation into French (here or pdf).
I have also translated R. Hamming's talk "You and your research" (here in French), his essay "The Unreasonnable effectiveness of mathematics" (here in French); E. Dijkstra's EWD594 Archive "Parable" (here in French) and some other short texts.
You can find the most complete and up-to-date list of my translations here.

Deeper into epistemology, I OCRed 1959's "The two cultures" talke by C.R. Snow. You can find an html version here. I need to find some time to provide a good translation to French.
At the moment, I am translating the "Unreasonable effectiveness of Mathematics in Natural Science by Eugene Wigner (the full original text is here)
The most up-to-date list of my translations is here

Recently (2014), I have initiated with a colleague a bi-monthly event called "Weak Interactions", where young researchers from Berkeley Lab visit the lab of each others. The goal is discover scientist from other areas of study in their environment, in order to nurture collaboration and get hands-on experience of state-of-the-art technologies.
The idea came when I was volunteering as a tour guide for LBL, and realized that I didn't know much about what my revered colleagues were doing during a normal day:)

APEX electron-gun Polar Bear Superconducting magnets
APEX Electron Gun Polar Bear experiment Super-conducting magnets
National Center for Electron Microscopy Neutralized Drift Compression Experiment National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Argumentative learning

I am currently brainstorming on how argumentative theory could be used for machine learning, since current tools taken from neuroscience are not very efficient. You can watch out the results of my developments on my (other) website : (still under construction).

Computing, Arduino, Kinect, etc...

I like to play with waves.
I like to play with electrons.
I like to play with electric sheeps (meh).

Arduino Guitar
A project I had at Ecole Polytechnique.
The idea was to use outdoor advertising screens coupled with a webcam to make render perceptive 3D and make it interactive.
We were a team of 5; we were building a BP, and I was the programmer.

It worked pretty well, and we presented the product to JCDecaux' Director of Marketing. But our team desintegrated when things were to become serious : each one of us had to complete his education!
A light guitar made using Arduino Uno, a light sensor and a LED to simulate the string, a piezo to produce the sound and a joystick to change the tone.
It's a baby laser harp (unfortunately, I had only time to write my manuscript...)

Quotations collection

I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.
  — Robert Heinlein

Check my quotations collection here (lots are in English, some are in French)


There's always more projects showcased on my weblog!