Experimenting espresso coffee on American scientists

In the beginning of this year, I brought an espresso machine to my lab, since they only had drip coffee.
Drip coffee is good, and probably enough to keep you alert, but I missed the conviviality of sharing coffee with other people, especially people form other department- I owe to R. Hamming the habit of pollinating one’s mind with ideas from other. Plus, I soon discovered that American researchers don’t “waste” time having lunch with each other, which is pretty sad and, to me, opposed to the idea of research; I remember, back in Paris, how many times new ideas came up by talking about mundane matters to other researchers.

The conclusions of this initiative are available here.

Here’s an excerpt about coffee tasting :

Peet's Coffee tasting

Peet’s Coffee tasting

Enjoy your coffee !


(edit Dec 20th 2013) : Here’s a nice article by Matt Goudling on Japanese tradition blended with the art of making coffee : Daibo dreamed of coffee.