Hello, Chicago

I recently traveled to Argonne National Lab to meet with colleagues from the XSD-OPT team at the Advanced Photon Source.

Advanced Photon Source patio (July 2022)

I had a chance to walk along the Long Beamline Building (LBB), freshly inaugurated by the Secretary of Energy Jennifer Granholm. The facility will host the the In-Situ Nanoprobe and the High-Energy X-ray Microscope beamlines.

Long Beamline Building at the Advanced Photon Source (August 2022)

I also got a chance to visit the Argonne Leadership Computing Facility (ALCF) building, where you can find a very nice zen garden inside, alongside with some the fastest computers on the planet.

Interior of the ALCF building at Argonne National Laboratory (July 2022)

During the weekend, I had a chance to meet physicists friends in downtown Chicago, where I fell in love with the St Regis Chicago, completed during the pandemic and designed by Jeanne Gang, making it the tallest structures in the world designed by a woman.

St Regis hotel in Chicago (July 2022)