How do you spell croissants

Finding the best croissants in the San Francisco is an essential quest. Here are a few great options:

  • Rotha (East Bay) – 1051 San Pablo Ave, Albany, CA
  • Arsicault (San Francisco) – 97 Arguello Blvd, San Francisco, CA
  • Marvel Cake (South Bay) – 1614 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA

I won’t dare to mention pastry shops that bake monstrosities such as Cronuts, Croffle or Croffin (there must beat cosmic justice, Mr. Holmes went down.)

I’ll take a minute to say a word about Bakesum (3249 Grand Ave,  Oakland, CA), a French pastry / Asian flavor fusion that started in Berkeley during the pandemic, very close to where I lived and brought me a lot of joy when I needed most.

Bakesum, when it was a backdoor joint in Berkeley, during the pandemic (with a sexy portrait of Betty Blue Too, my beloved bike)

One other joint that I enjoyed very much was The Pie Society (2533 Seventh St, Berkeley, CA; suggested by my friends Nika and Jesse), which made delicious pies (their passion fruit pie was my favorite.)

quick stop at The Pie Society, for a delicious pie

Sadly, I’ll never get to enjoy their take on Cherry pie, and see how they compare with those served to Agent Cooper.