Star Wars: A political theory

It is said that the original Star Wars series was a prelude for the culture that would avail in the Reagan years.

Let’s see if we can make parallels with current times!

Episode 1 (2015)
The phantom menace
(rides a golden escalator)

Episode 2 (2016)
Attack of the clones
(mass production of red hat)

Episode 3 (2017)
The revenge of the sith
(full metastasis of an old party)

Episode 4 (2018)
A new hope
(the squad & the midterm election)

Episode 5 (2019)
Empire strikes back
(Mueller tanks and impeachment sinks)

Episode 6 (2020)
The return of the Jedi
(Bernie Skywalker defeats Palputin)

Episode 7 (2021)
The force awakens
(green new deal unleash solar and wind power)

Episode 8 (2022)
The last Jedi
(Medicare for all increases life expectancy to 900 Dagoba years)

Episode 9 (2023)
The rise of Skywalker
(cancel student debt to empower millennials)