Brutalism in Berkeley

One silver lining of the shelter-in-place is that you get to go out with no other goal than going out, and you discover new things about your city. I was always intrigued by the Brutalist architecture in the Bay Area – the first time I encountered it was at the Berkeley Art Museum during the Uncharted Festival in 2013. This kind of architecture, promoted by Mario Ciampi in the Bay Area, is often maligned, and while I can’t say I like, I definitely recognize its esthetic impact.
The name brutalism comes not from the word “brute” (though it could!), but from the French word “brut,” where it signifies “raw” as in raw concrete. Here are a few buildings I stumbled upon who may qualify for the category. Enjoy!

Woo Hon Fai Hall, in Berkeley, CA (former Berkeley Art Museum, BAMPFA)

Newman Hall, in Berkeley, CA (Holy Spirit Parish)

Lawrence Hall of Science

A potentially brutalist building around 690 Panoramic Way, Berkeley, CA

Museum of California, Oakland, CA

Brutalisme – Flavien Berger
Un peu plus de minutes avant l’avion
D’où tu verras les lignes et les rayons
Que dessine mon quad sur le sable
Tu séchera tes larmes dans l’air climatisé

You an also watch some beautiful sand structures here.